Welcome, y'all!

     I guess the saying rings true again; Momma does know best.  My momma instilled my love for sewing at the raw age of eight when she sent me to “Sewing Camp.”  My relationship with this new hobby was definitely not love at first sew.  My project for the week, neon shorts (hello ‘80s), ended up with the pockets sewn in backwards!  Sewing slowly worked its way into my heart through the years as I experimented with making my bedding and drapes for my dorm room and later, making baby presents for friends.
         This hobby has come to developing “Carolina Belles and Beaus,” where I have the opportunity to help you dress and accessorize your most precious gift. I will happily custom make anything for your little one; we can work together to make your darling “Southern Proper” for any occasion. Everything on the website has a personal touch, from my home to yours.